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Article: Renarts X Reebok Classics LX8500

Renarts X Reebok Classics LX8500

Renarts X Reebok Classics LX8500

Renarts X Reebok Classics
'Dead End Kids' LX8500




Featuring All Star players like D***** “***” G***** and D***** S*********, the 1986 M*** were a shiny and glimmering symbol of hope for New York baseball. However, in the locker room, on the field and on the road, the team was plagued with fighting, jealousy and egos that were further fueled by the drug and alcohol abuse. It was due to all those factors that Sports Illustrated Magazine depicted the two most polarizing players on a cover in 1995, with a headline that read “The Dead End Kids”.
It's from those stories that we drew inspiration for our collaboration with Reebok. With a M**’s blue, suede toe, these sneakers appear to be every bit a shoe inspired by the team colors. But, a closer look reveals the darkness behind the façade – in this case, the overpowering black throughout the rest of the shoe. Though the ’86 M*** were specifically the inspiration for the blue toe and black back of the sneaker, a closer inspection reveals hints of orange and blue 3M piping, indicative of the now long-gone neon signs of Shea Stadium.
It is with these ideas of championship talent, unrealized potential and reminiscent signs of M*** old that we proudly present, in collaboration with Reebok, the Renarts “Dead End Kids” LX8500. Adorned with a lush blue suede toe and premium black leather throughout, the “Dead End Kids” stands as the pinnacle of what we envisioned when we initially embarked on our creative journey.
Along with the LX8500, the “Dead End Kids” Collection will feature 3 custom print Renarts t-shirts, 2 custom print Renarts x Bluu Dreams t-shirts and a re-release of our two exclusive collaboration hoodies with Mitchell & Ness. The t-shirts will be priced at $28 USD each and the hoodies at $70 USD each.
A Renarts exclusive, the “Dead End Kids” Reebok LX8500 will be available in store beginning 7 PM EST on October 18, 2016 and online at beginning 11 AM EST on October 20, 2016. Retail is set at $130 USD.
We hope you will join us in celebrating our first collaborative footwear project on October 18, 2016. Drinks and food will be served. Doors open promptly at 7 PM.
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